Prolego’s Active Customers

Prolego™ is currently installed at several sites hosting Varian linear accelerators at some of the leading radiation oncology clinics in the US and is proactively monitoring and debugging MLC and beam-related issues.

Prolego™ SaaS-based software has enabled many of these clinics to achieve zero MLC downtime for more than six months.

Prolego’s Service Partners

Concept Tapestry has established strategic relationships with some of the leading Independent Service Organizations (ISOs) with deep Medical Equipment domain knowledge to build a truly valuable and unique Prolego™ Service Solution that leverages, captures and improves upon decades of service experience of these Linac Field Service Engineers.

Prolego’s Technology Partners

Amazon Web Services:
Prolego™ leverages Amazon Web Services to provided a highly secure, scaleable and highly availability Prolego™ Application. Each customer Application and Data instances are totally isolated and managed using secure credentials

Prolego’s Customer Testimonials

“I can quickly oversee the heath of all my engineers Clinacs and my engineers’ response to the problems. We only look at it as historical machine data after the fact. Prolego is looking at this information all of the time”
Randy Cook, Director, Quality Control and Technical Support

“Prolego has made my life a lot easier! It shows unseen problems without running multiple MLC tests. MLC Secondary Leaf errors can now be troubleshot as they usually don’t show up in HyperTerminal messaging. I can log into Prolego every 2-3 days and see real Proactive Trend analysis of all my MLC’s without a site visit!”
Ed Simmons, Sr. Field Service Engineer

“I check Prolego about 3 times a week, do what it says, and the machine has gone down only once in the past nine months.”
Ken Love, Sr. Field Service Engineer